Tik Tok not working with VPN

VPN’s are Virtual Proxy Networks which hide your identity while surfing on internet, that means they will change or mask your IP address and internet will think that you are surfing from a different location or country.

So now you are using VPN and your IP says you are from Australia, still can’t access Tik Tok ?

This is because the ban which is imposed by the government is not IP based it is Device ID based, that means if your device was once registered with Tik Tok before ban
then your device is blocked for access in future by the Tik Tok app.

How to use Tik Tok then ?

Many users have claimed that if you install Tik Tok with VPN on a new device you can enjoy the app then.

About Pubg Ban

The recent ban on Pubg Mobile is still not taken more seriously and those devices who have not yet uninstalled the game are still enjoying the battleground, but the game has been removed from the Play store and soon the ban may become IP based for indian citizens .

To know about IP addresses and to check your mobile IP address now , click here





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