make money by blooging

Steps to improve your blog rank and earn more in just one  day

I know you all who came here to read this article must be thinking to start your own business or you may be searching for tips that can

help you to improve your Business ongoing status. Here are some points that will be useful for everyone who wants to get into the

business of Blogging and Web Designing.

The First Step towards Being a successful blogger is to decide a  Perfect Niche to work with.

“Furnishing  your viewers with what  they actually want is going to be the most effective way which will facilitate you to pick an appropriate Niche for your blog  . Getting on with a Niche that has a different segment  in which you are intrested will  also , prove profitable for you . Further , after selecting the perfect Niche Check the search volume for your niche using  Google web master tools . This will give  you an Idea about how your blog will  perform after  publishing your content .”


A great way to get more acquainted with your audience is to use Google analytics to grab some basic demographics and psychographies.


Refining keywords and selecting the low competition keyword 


” For attracting Organic traffic to your blog make sure to refine and select the most  searched low traffic keywords  and phrases. Also, this helps a lot in SEO( “Search engine optimization “)  and PPC(” Pay per Click)”.


This step will increase your organic traffic within hours. For this, you can use Chrome’s free extension i.e Keyword Surfer.

Making your domain faster and easier to navigate

” One should use our own  Web designing Experience to develop the outlook of our blog. Also, Multiple Plugins, unused CSS,Php version, image formats, and quality should be kept up-to-date and optimized “

Ensuring the implementation of these steps on your blog will index your page very very soon.


Creating backlinks will  add in  ranking and indexing

”   Getting  in touch with other domain authorities  and requesting  them to provide your blog’s backlink  on their website and in the same way you can also do the same . This helps in sharing the traffic from multiple blogs .”

You can add the link of your blog on other websites this process is also known as creating backlinks.

Applying Adsense  to your blog

” Last but not least you’ve got to monetize your blog to earn from your blog. Generally, their are many ad networks available but the foremost transparent and profitable is google Adsense. Basically, after posting about 30-40 unique posts you’ve got to use for Adsense and await the approval. “

Google Adsense will assist you to monetize and rank your blog easily by increasing the traffic and trustability of your blog.





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