sanatan Dharma

Sanatana is the true name of Hindu dharma. Sanatana in simple words, you can say pure.
Now coming to the topic, here we see the divisions of different eras of time in Sanatana Dharma.
It is divided into 4 eras.
1. Satya Yuga
2. Treta Yuga
3. Dvapar Yuga
4. Kali Yuga

Om Namah Shivay

  • Satya Yuga was the largest era of time when only truth exists. It is said that the average height of people in Satya Yuga was 31.5 feet with an average life span of 4000-12000 years. It was the era of the Gods. Its age was 4800 divine years.

  Treta yuga was the era of Shri Ram which lasted for 3600 divine years. This Yuga was blessed with 2 incarnations of Lord Vishnu in the form of Parshurama which means Ram with an axe and Shri Ram as an example of a true man.

  Dvapara Yuga was the era of Shri Krishna whose age is 2400 divine years. It was the only Yuga in which Lord Vishnu was incarnated with full powers. The great war of truth and dharma i.e. Mahabharata took place in that era.

And now the forth and last era is Kali Yuga in which we are living is 1200 divine years long. Kali Yuga was started when Pandavas left for the Himalayas after giving their kingdom to Arjun’s grandson Parikshit.

Now 1 Divine year = 360 human years.
So the actual age of all eras was:
1. Satya Yuga =1728000 years
2. Treta Yuga = 1296000 years
3. Dvapar Yuga= 864000 years
4.  Kali Yuga= 432000 years.
It is said that Kali Yuga is already 5000 years old and about 427000 of it is remaining in which at last Dharma will be restored and again Satya Yuga will come.
At last, I want to say that
” Sanatana Dharma is not outdated. It is as old as Sun and as new as the sunrise.”
This is the end of my Topic. I hope you will like it.
Thank You


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