The Vodafone and Idea merge and introduce a new brand ‘VI’. On Monday, after the announcement of these brands of merging into one ‘VI’, there share increases by 4%. The main reason of merge into one is due to competition in the Telecom Industries.  The development was shared during a virtual conference that was live-streamed, revealing the new brand that has been designed for the digital era. After two years of the Vodafone and Idea merger that took place on August 31, 2018,

Today 7 September 2020, there is the complete integration of both the brands. Their slogan for VI( read as we) is together for tomorrow. Seems good to read.

The CEO and MD at Vodafone Idea Limited, Ravinder Takkar, said today, ” Vodafone and Idea came together two years ago as one. We have since then focused on integrating two large networks, our people, and processes. And today I am delighted to present Vi, a brand that will bring important meaning to the lives of our customers. Every Indian wants to get ahead in life. They would love a credible partner to help them on this journey.”

He also said the brand integration not only marked the completion of the largest telecom merger in the world but also set the company on its future journey to offer ‘world-class digital experiences to 1 Billion Indians on our strong 4G network.’

We all know, at this time Reliance JIO is at the top. For the competition and to survive in a market, they come as one. There will not too much easy to be the biggest brand in the country. We wish you all the best VI for your future and also will be waiting for your Sim

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