The lesson of 2020

2020 the most disliked year for me because of COVID-19 pandemic which have created further more problems for people .

Firstly due to lockdown the results of cbse class 10 and 12 delayed. As a student , I  planned that after result I will be back on my studies and will prepare myself for competitive exams but when the news came that the result delays, I forgot all that plans that I made.

I was happy for it and enjoying the time by playing games , watching movies on mobile and had all other entertainment. I did not realized but wasted my important time in playing.

Lockdown can stop work but can’t stop time.

When the result came I was happy with my result. I was boosted for my upcoming online studies.

In the starting I was so energetic and I was doing well too but as the time passes online studies seems so boring to me because I have never ever thought of studying on my mobile, as till now i have always used mobile for playing games and all other things .

For me online classes are becoming worse day by day and I am suffering from this problem from previous 10 -15 days. I analysed that schools and coaching centres creates our environment for studies. Now presently the situation is that I am laging behind in syllabus and I am feared and depressed. I dont know what to do next. I often come across my negative thoughts in my mind .

I hope that upcoming days will be motivational days for me so that I can cover up with my studies, but the lesson I got from this is that Time never waits for us ,we need to work according to time if we want success in life.

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