quantiphi interview experience

Quantiphi is an award-winning applied AI and big data software and services company driven by the desire to solve transformational problems at the heart of business.

This was my experience applying for the Business Analyst position in Quantiphi.

Round 1 (Aptitude Test)

It contained generic questions to test your logic, quantitative, qualitative skills, as well as your comprehension and communication skills.

Round 2 (Group Discussion)
  1. We were divided into groups of 8, and given two topics.
  2. Each topic was to be discussed for 10 minutes each.
  3. The first topic was about general knowledge, and was regarding the Indian Railways.
  4. The second topic was regarding Aliens and was highly hypothetical.
  5. We were told not to cut any speakers and to allow students to complete their points. Overall it was a very pleasant experience.
  6. This Round was exclusive to the business analyst candidates.
Round 3 ( HR Interview)
  1. This was a 40 minute interview, similar to an HR style format, with the main focus being on why I applied for this particular position, and how much of the requirements did I understand/fulfil.
  2. In addition there were questions about my past experiences and we went through the Job description during the interview, with me explaining how well I ranked myself according to the requirements.
Round 4 (Final Interview)
  1. This was a 15 minute interview that focused more on my technical abilities as a consultant.
  2. It consisted of several guesstimate questions also like  How many guitars are there in Goa ?
  3. A brief discussion on projects I have worked on in the past.

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