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4G is Love🖤

Especially for the people of J&K.

About one year ago, the internet has been banned from our J&K state. The main reason for banning the internet was the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A. After the abrogation of these articles, our state becomes a union territory. This was also sad. The government always gave us security reasons for the snaping of the internet. Without the internet , in this era, is just the feel of the 90s. You just totally cut off with the world. While India is going towards 5G, we the people of  J&K, asking for 4G only.

It is all about the internet.

I am studying in Haryana, where 4G is working properly. Due to Coronavirus, World just went to lockdown, India was also one. Due to lockdown, I came back to my hometown Udhampur, J&K. At that time, 2G was prevailing there. Then I also came to know, there is a review of 4G restoration after one week. With the passage of time, review dates remained a joke only. I remember a perfect Hindi movie dialogue for this situation, “Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh”.

After 3 months, I was only seeing the orders from the government of review of 4G restoration. Now, some days ago, there are two districts of J&K, where 4G starts working. From these two districts, one is mine.

The happiness when 4G starts running is unexplainable. But the sad thing is, it is also on review, or you can say a trail basis internet.

earth covered by signals

This is very sad, we are living without high-speed internet. Whole J&K, except two districts of it, there is only 2G. Ordinary people of J&K suffering from this problem of the internet. Our colleges have started online classes, due to 2G, there is only buffering on video class. In this pandemic of COVID-19, during the lockdown, there was 2g only. You weren’t allowed to go out of the home but also didn’t have any option. This was also very sad for us. in simple, high-speed internet is a habit now. 

At last,

Just wanna say to our government, please start the internet working as soon as possible. All districts are equal.


  1. Yes ,i am totally agreed with ur thought….
    Whole jammu and kashmir is still caged under the walls of unemployment😞😞
    We demand our right back and we demand 4G too
    u r doing an Amazing work bro…keep.it up

  2. Exactly we r the only people’s of jandk who r suffering frm not only covid-19 but also frm this big problem and it is becz of ourselves or our govt , admistration.

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