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The topic is ‘Humanity’ which is very difficult to find nowadays . People are just thinking only themselves, they see only their benefits , they just harms nature, animals, etc.

Everyday, we read news on any social media or TV, where people tortures animals like dogs, cats , cows etc.  We have also a foundations for the animals protection. But due to mass population of our country and area, somewhere they can’t reach on time.

Few days ago, I saw a video on social media, in which cat has bathe with flammable liquid and a senseless guy put fire on it. Cat just flames out and starts running for save itself but the senseless guy just making video it.

I also saw comments on this video. Everyone was just abusing to that senseless man , which could be somewhere okay, but only only abusing is okay or we should unite in society to against these types of anti social people.

Many of us don’t know , how to tackle these anti-social who are against humanity. We all say, Terrorist has no religion, they kills innocent people . Have you ever ask themselves, what we are doing with animals , we the people killing animals, torturing them, who cannot speak even. We are also not less thsn terrorists in the eyes of animals. We don’t have any right to torturing/killing the animals.

Solution of this Problem:

Social media platforms are very vast. We can share these types of content to whole world/country.

We just help only by sharing these types of content to respective organizations to stop these shameful acts.

The people of that area (where these shameful acts happens) can take a stand against these types of acts and show them the power of humanity. A man only understand very quickly when he pass through it.

At last, just listen the voice of your heart,should we do this with animals or any other one? The answer will come from your Heart is ‘NO’.



  1. Very good job buddy
    Keep it up…. Social media is a good platform to raise our voice against those criminals who play with humanity .
    Humanity is not only for humans but also other creatures which are living thing.
    On this my opinion who do this type of useless humanity the government must take action about that and make law……..

    There is nothing big than the humanity in this world of luck bro for your further posts..

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