Welcome once again in my series Learnt Lessons.

Today, this conversation is based on the present year 2020 or you can say one of the worst year in a century.

There is a conversation of two friends, who are talking about life in 2020 after relaxation in lockdown.

Location: J&K

Friend 1: Hey bro!

Friend 2:  Hi, How is lockdown going? Haha…(laughs)

Friend 1:  Just boring dude. Sitting in an only room and stay bored.

Friend 2:  Haha… Same here man. We don’t have even high-speed internet.

Friend 1:  Hmm..! Tell something else.

Friend 2: Yeah, I had even watched every series on Netflix, but on low-quality video. Lol!

Friend 1: Haha, means your lockdown is going awesome.

Friend 2: Yeah!

Friend 1: Let make a plan to go somewhere far from the city.

Friend 2: Okay, made a plan [ In our slang ‘ Chalo Bnao Program ‘.]

Friend 1: Okay. One more thing, due to lockdown and most important, the present pandemic are both harmful for the country. It is just degrading the economy of the country.

Friend 2: Yeah! Off course. This is bad. But some people just always say bad about the Prime Minister of the country. He is also an individual like us. He is also doing every move, but due to the vast area of the country, must be needed of time.

Friend 1: I agree, But, we cannot shut the mouth of anyone. Everyone has their thinking. So everyone is right at its position.

Friend 2: Yeah, maybe

Friend 1: Everyone is irritated right now from COVID-19. Now, many people aren’t caring about it. Just tension free.

Friend 2: Yeah, Corona is now, just treating like a joke.

Friend 1: Haha… yeah right.

Friend 2: Wait, what is the time?

Friend 1: It 8’o clock.

Friend 2: I have to go, I am getting late. See you tomorrow.

Friend 1: okay! But, don’t forget about the plan. LOL(laughs)

Friend 2: Of course not. Okay bye.

Friend 1: hmm! Bye


The conversation is ended now. But, I wanna share something about 2020. We all know, 2020 is going the worst year. But never lose hope. Hope is a very big thing in the world.

At last, Just help each other in this pandemic. Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay home, and follow the instructions of local authorities.

Thank you.

Idea by: Dhrishti Mahajan





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