This topic is very sensitive. The word ‘Tease’ has a big meaning. I had also written before to stop teasing animals, who cannot speak. But today’s topic is not on animals. It is about us.
Life is full of problems. We should fight with problems and to win also from them. Stalking the girls/boys on social media, talking non-sense, is the fashion now.

stop teasing
A coin has two sides, the same as this problem ‘teasing’ has two phases. One phase from the Girl’s side & the other one from boys.
In India, we cannot say that the girls are totally safe right now. But, they are also not safe at social media. Boys are just stalking them everywhere. Mainly 80-90% of girls, keeps their account private on the internet, the only reason behind this is stalking. This puts an adverse effect on the life of girls. I had experienced, also listen from girls that, how boys tease them on social media, Boys just messages the girls, without even knowing them. Let keep this aside, but if girls don’t reply, they just message them irrelevantly. They keep forcing them by talking non-sense to message them.
The free suggestion or advice to boys, if girls don’t wanna reply to you, or don’t wanna talk, it’s her choice. You cannot force her to talk. You have no right to tease her. Be a gentleman, respect girls.
Every Boy is not a teaser. Due to some boys, all boys community being abused. This is wrong. Some boys are innocent. Boys also have moral values, that he takes from his family, his parents.
Boys are also being teased by girls. I am talking with facts. Girls often tease boys. And the word they used to call tease is a ‘prank’. Social media has its advantages but we should never forget one thing, everything has its advantages & disadvantages also. Boys pretend to mentally strong. They too mentally strong as compare to girls. But this doesn’t mean, we are made for your so-called ‘prank’. We also have emotion.
Beings a boy, I only wanna say, we don’t have any right to teas but also girls don’t have the right to tease. Maybe, most of you people get offended by this topic. So, A free advice to all for you, go get offended, I don’t care, truth is bitter.

The best solution for everybody to stay safe from cyberbullying, teasing is ignoring. You should not need to reply and keep ignoring them.


  1. One of biggest issue in this modern era…yaa we need to stop teasing bcoz it can hurt the feelings of that person…..#stop teasing
    U are just amazing as u r always discussing about genuine topics….completely love it bro😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😘😘

  2. Teasing is a big issue in our society even they do not know how they are mentally affected by manipulating someone.
    A good topic I have read so far!

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