Friendship is a very big word. Friendship is the only relation where no religion, color, race, etc. factors don’t matter.

A good friend is better than a hundred fake friends. There are many types of friends, One is true friends. True friends will never leave you in problems, always try to help you. I have friends, I feel so lucky that my friends never disappoint me. It is a relationship where you need nothing.

Always choose your friends wisely. In today’s world, a good friend cannot be found easily, but you will get a hundred fake friends easily, who are only with you for their interest. A good friend will never leave, whether you fight with him or get angry with them.

Friendship is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust. True friendship is when someone knew you better and take stands in your best interest in problems. Friendship goes beyond just sharing time, together, and it is long-lasting.

Spending time, doing fun, with friends, gives you a reason to live life happily. Friends are very precious. It is not important, you should have only a human friend. Everybody could be friend of yours. But, only one thing, without friends, there is nothing in life.

Also, beware of fake friends, who are always with you in front of you, but at your back, they always backbite you.

The Double standard friends just always give deception. There is also a type of friend who only remembers you when they have some work or you can say they only message you when they have work that only can be done by you.

At last, just wanna say, those people who have friends, are so lucky in the world. Friends are the only ones, who understand and help you in every situation. Never leave your friends for any girl. Just note these words of mine and never allow anyone to spoil your friendship.

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  1. Yaad hai tere liye meine ek ladki se baat krna shod di thi aur aaj bhi usse baat nhi krta😂😂😂😂😂dost dost hi hote hai yrr. But vich mein keyi dost saanp bhi hote hai unse sabdhan aur satark rhe. jai hind jai bharat.

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