cow love

I may not be correct with this title but it’s related to another event which has happened today. Do you know any other big loss from losing a mother? No, she is not died.Its about a 10 months old cow who was living with her mother until today when we brought her home. I’m not able to name this situation as she is not so far from her mother though she may not be able to see her mother again, 20 Kms away from her mother is as equal as living in a new world for her .

What must be she thinking today ? Yes, she is crying and I know she will cry for two days or may be for a week . We live care free from any anxiety ,responsibility or any worries with our parents and family until the day when we realize that now we have to move ahead alone . Birth and death are actually two sides of the same coin but in between comes the life ,we need to live ,learn ,experiment and should have the courage to follow our heart . Coming back to the point ,it was necessary to bring her from her mother as the owner was not having any place and time for raising both the cows together.Though she is having a hard time now but I’m sure she will have a great and a happy future ahead.

At the end i just want to say that live life to the fullest be gratefull for what you have and love your parents. When life hits you hard, hit it harder back.

-by nik


  1. Its really very difficult to leave mom or any other person with whom we are attached…………….😢 but we should move further because life is full of sadness and happiness

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