A very big issue in our day to day life is ‘Mental illness’. We all know about SSR’s case. After his mysterious death, everyone on social media just starts posting stories about mental illness. Everyone was posting like a trendy post, nowadays also when you got a listen to suicide case due to mental illness, some of you, also posted about the illness. Somewhere, it is good for awareness, but some just followed trends only. The death of SSR remains a mystery even after about 4-5 months. The first look of that case was a suicide due to mental illness or you can say depression. Suicide is not a solution to any problem. So, from childhood age and teenage, learn to face the problems, not to show them back and lost your life.

Mental-illness has a wide range of conditions that affects the moods of a person, affect the thinking, the behavior, etc towards others.
How a person gets depressed? There can be many reasons for being depressed. The adverse effect on someone’s brain, we all know, when one same thing keeps repeating around you, again and again, it automatically gets caught by your brain. Your brain keeps working on that same thing and the brain only works on sad things that hurt you, happiness stays for a moment only.

depression makes you bored

Once a sad thought remains in your brain, it hollows out inside you. The sad thought can be guilt, a sorrowful moment of your life, about your love relation, and many others. Many of the depression patients choose a way of suicide. As I say, this is not the solution to any problem. The word ‘Psychology,’ I know you all heard about it, In simple it is the study of mind and behavior. A psychiatrist is a person who helps to cure mental illness. Psychiatrists just talk with the patient, he tries to get the thing out, through which patient got depressed. But, these doctors and this mental illness is only considered in rich families. Middle-class families do not even hear about it. We all say, in our posts on social media, talk to us, if you are in depression because it is the only way to get a cure for this illness.

A Free Solution without Medicines

If you are in depression or somehow like depression, first of all, go with your friends and try to chill. Chilling is the way to get some memories into the mind and try to forget about all that makes you sad. I know this is not easy for everyone to come out of the depression. But, if you have someone with whom you can share anything, talk to them. He /She must have a solution to your problem. In everyone’s life, there is always one person, who is very close to them. Everyone’s life has problems. In fact, life is full of problems and problems give you a reason to live and learn from them. Never thinks your problems bigger than you, just say the problems “I was even waiting for you”. Never get into depression due to these silly problems. Just keep in mind “ Never take Tensions”.


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