Behavior is the mirror of any person. A person, who knows how to behave, how to talk in any situation, is said to be a mature person.

Let’s talk about Behavior. What is the behavior? It is the way of presenting or conduct oneself, especially towards others. A mature person always presents himself or talk with sense. In my life, I had seen many people who just talk irrelevantly. They even don’t know which type of talk, they should do in which situation. Your one irrelevant talk can even affect your relationship. That’s why the behavior is much important.

One thing, you might notice, the behavior of businessmen, shopkeepers is just brilliant. They always know, how to behave with their customers. They know, their behavior matters very much. We should learn lessons from these businessmen, how to talk with someone.

Your voice talk tells all about you. It tells all, how you behave to your elders, younger, and strangers even. Some of us behave well with someone due to the fear of their elders. Behavior shows how much you respect anyone.

My hashtag #respecteveryone is a mirror of my life. Everyone deserves respect, and your behavior shows all of your respect.

How  to behave

Your behavior should be friendly towards everyone. According to my, there is no right of behaving badly with anyone. Always talk with sense, your younger siblings learn everything from you, even your behavior also affects their behavior. Every younger one wants to be their elder one. So, next time, when you behave badly to anyone, even to your family member, in front of younger ones, must think about my point of the effect of behavior.

Your behavior with your elders means a lot. This shows how good your moral values are. This shows how good a family, you belong to. Next time again, when you behave badly with one who is elder than you, think of your family values. Once you think of your family, your behavior will automatically be shifted towards friendly, People also praises while watching your behavior. It is just the same as you are taking the family’s name to new heights.

At last, according to me, you don’t need to show class anywhere, because your class will be known to everyone just after talking to you in the first 30 seconds. So, work on behavior, not only showing your rich class and egoism in you. Maybe due to money, you’ll buy anything, but you will never win any pure-hearted soul person.


  1. One of the greatest character of human is behaviour …
    once a person earns it, The person will achieve all the heights of success in this world and the hereafter😍😍😍
    love u bro to share such blogs😘😘😘
    #behaviour matters💕🅰🅱

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