IP addresses

I’ve tried to explain you everything in my words,Hope you find it clear .

You must have heard about Ip addresses, if you dont know about them no need to worry, I’ll be explanning you the very basics of Ip addresses which everyone should know atleast, just read till the end.
In simple language addresses that are assigned to a network on internet are known as IP addresses .Yes you may not be aware with this but it is true that your device is assigned a new IP address every time you disconnect and then connect to the internet.
In this world there are total 4.2 billion IPv4 unique ip addresses, but the strangest thing is that all are used due to huge amount of traffic on the internet , thus the concept of IPv6 i.e IP version 6 came into existence, we will talk about this in other blogs.

What IP address can reveal about you ?

1. From Ip address you can get the information of your Internet service provider.
2. location
3. Your Host i.e the Network service provider
4. Your mac address

Who are internet service provider ?
ISP is usually a “cable company” that, in addition or offering a TV subscription, also offers an Internet subscription.
Some big ISP are :-
AT&T Internet

Some of the top ISP in India are:

How to check your mobile IP address ?

1 In settings go to Network and setting then WIFI
2. If you are not connected with wifi join to the wifi network first.
3. Click on advance settings to know your Ip address and other information about your wifi provider.

How to check your Ip address connected with data connection :

Since websites communicate with the IP addresses any website you visit knows your IP address and MAC address
Some websites which show you your IP addresses are given below-

It is for just humans who find learning these digits difficult , Imagine how would be if we would have to type the Full Ip address to open any website, Thus Domains come into existence where IP address are binded with any unique string ( for example www.google.com is nothing but ) with a specific format. If you would like i would also share about Domains in my next blog.

Try searching on google URL you will land on our Engineer Trends only.
If you have a PC you can open your command prompt or terminal and type nslookup followed by any domain for eg. nslookup google.com

For now, just remember there are 4 octets separated by dots.

Each octet is 8 bits long thus 2 to the power of 8 is 256, so you will never find a number which is greater than 255 in an IP address.

If you are interested in the internal configurations of an IP address please let me know through comments, or you have any doubts related to computer networking please let me know I’ll happy to share my views and knowledge with you all.

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