Today, Hypocrisy is the main problem of the modern world. Let us watch what hypocrisy is? Hypocrisy is the Behaviour in which somebody pretends to have moral standards or opinions that he/she does not really have. In simple words, we can define hypocrisy is the Showing off behavior of someone. People on social media talk about racism. and those people also talk with their friends by making fun of their body shapes by naming him/her like Hey Motu..Hey Kalwe…etc.

In my opinion, everyone has a right to live his/her life by their choice and no one is allowed to make fun of his face, skin color, body, or anything that hurts their heart. Friends God made us. He decides how we should look, not you people. These all depend on genes. In India, many people talk about women’s empowerment, women’s rights, etc. Also, those people use abusive languages related to Mother and Sister.

A girl who is a culprit of a murder case. People Blackmails her with very abusive words and giving threats of rape and forces him to do suicide. My Question is for all those people, Who are you to decide that she is the Culprit. We have Laws, Advocates, Judges, Courts to decide whether She is the culprit or not. You people are not to give him punishment. We have laws for that. We people can only give our Opinions. On the one side, People do big talks about women empowerment. On the other side, they give the rape threats, Use abusive languages. Lastly, I want to say that If you respect others then you can expect respect from others. Bring the change in you that you want in World. Jai hind, Vande Mataram.


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