challenge yourself

A fair competition is when both the competitors have the same level.

In our whole life we find someone to compete, It is natural that we will surely find someone who is better then us and someone who is not.

It is always good to look your competitors and enhance yourself but in all these things we forgot that how much we try we can’t become exactly like other person , Everyone lives in a different situation, everyone has his own perspective of handling situations. Even two twins are not same in their knowledge, behaviour and speaking, then how can we believe that we can become like the other person.

What we forget is that we are a very equal competitor with ourself, there should be a fight between your yesterday and your today. It is just like whenever we see our picture of two to three years old we usually dont like it and laugh by looking at it.

People fight with themselves and end up loosing their self confidence and bring up negativity in their minds. You dont have to fight with yourself you have to challenge yourself , believe me it is not at all easy to win from ourself . It is very difficult to control your mind just like a bad habit is very difficult to get rid off.

There is a student named Viet who said

I used my own laziness to my own advantage with my bad habit of browsing Facebook. Deleting Facebook and having to go through the one extra step of going to website and logging in manually was enough barrier for me to not get back on.

Substitution also help in many cases, we need to switch task in order to avoid something, think what new you can start .

It is not easy to challenge yourself and win but if you are at least trying and half way on it you are a real hero, just keep moving ahead .

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