microsoft intership experience
What is Microsoft ENGAGE mentorship program ?

Engage 2020 was an opportunity from MS to learn and upskill yourself by being a part of the 4 week virtual mentorship program during June – July 2020.

To work on a fun project while making an impact. The Engage program also offered Ask Me Anything sessions for your projects, Webinars on latest tech. trends, Microsoft Leader addresses on various aspects of Life in Microsoft.

I had done my competitive programming in my first 2 years of Engineering.

I practiced Data structures and algorithms which made my good base for clearing interviews of Software Development Engineer role.

I made a project of Path finding Web-Application in Microsoft Engage Mentorship program which impressed my mentor and thus i was called for an interview with microsoft for internship.

About Final Interview

1.  He started conversation by asking me to tell about my project for 5 mins.

2.  After few discussion on it, he asked me to Implement a Chess Program using OOPs in any language.

3.  He continuously interrupted in between asking fundamental questions on Abstract Classes, Enum and data structures while i implemented.

4.  I was unable to answer only one question related to early and late binding which made me in doubt that I wouldn’t be able to clear this round.

5.  Then he ended the interview by allowing me to ask any question to him.

But after selection, It was clear that they were requiring a learner and a student with some good coding skills.

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