Hard work is a great deal of effort and endurance to achieve something whereas smart-work is the smart way i.e using a proper technique to get maximum output with the least efforts.

Before I share my stand in this debate, I want to make it clear that there are different opinions of every person on a different topic. So, don’t take my opinions seriously; which may led to an argument among us. You too share your opinions with me in the comments section.

SO, in my entire blog, I am focusing and supporting hard work instead of smart-work as much as possible. As for me, we can’t achieve everything just by smart work, but if we work hard we can achieve anything. There are many examples of this and I would discuss a couple of them. I do believe that by working smart we can gain more in long run, but the level of motivation and consistency which is required to complete that task always comes from hard work.


Another factor is the pleasure or satisfaction That we get after completion of a task in case of hard work; is just on another level as compared to that in smart-work. Also, the value of that thing which you have achieved by doing hard work is much more than that in smart work because the efforts that are put forward in hard work are much stronger as compared to that in smart work.

Today, most of the people just want to do smart-work and are avoiding hard work. They are just supporting smart-work. BUT According to me ‘HARDWORK’ leads to the birth of ‘SMART-WORK’. First, we need to work hard then should only take our steps toward smart-work. I know my statement doesn’t fit in every situation but it fits in most of the situations. “HOPE THAT PEOPLE ALSO START TO WORK HARD RATHER THAN JUST SMART”.

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