Hello friends, Today I’m going to talk about a very important topic that is gender equality. It’s true that from many years, our society treated girls very badly. They always gave first priority to men. Women were not allowed for Education, Job.

She was forced to marry at a very low age. She was forced by her In-laws for dowry and for giving birth to boy child only. That was the bad mentality of people in those days.But in 2020 where govt. has taken a very brilliant step towards girl education and girl protection like “BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO”.We all respect this initiative of our Respected Prime Minister ‘Narendra modi’.But some girls are misusing the power of these Initiatives and putting forward fake cases of dowry,Domestic violence,Rape cases and many other. A research shows that 40% of the Domestic violence and Rape cases are false.In media when there is a case related to dowry,Domestic violence or Rape. Then they Hide the Identity of Girl completely and that of boy’s Identity is reveled on every channel,Social media.Although,may be that guy is innocent. But they don’t even care about the respect of that guy. These media are doing discrimination with boys and they talk about gender equality. In India A girl is innocent until proved Guilty and a Guy is guilty until proved innocent. There are very less Laws made to prove that a Guy is innocent. If God had not made any discrimination with boy and girl. Then who are we to Decide that one is superior than other. Everyone is best in it’s work. If you judge a fish’s ability to climb a tree then you are the dumbest person ever.So,Respect the person not the gender. Respect who deserves.
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