Arun Verma

Co-founder/ Operations

I am an Engineering student pursuing education from the college Global research Institute of management and technology, Radaur Yamuna Nagar(Haryana) under Kurukeshtra university.


Nikhil Kotwal

Co-founder/ Projects

I’m 3rd year undergraduate, pursuing my computer Engineering from Army Institute of Technology, Pune
I am passionate about writing blogs and to share my experiences .



Co-founder/ Marketing

I am prusing my Ug course of BBA(Computer Applications ) from Pune university . I hail from a small town (Udhampur) in Jammu and kashmir .


Ankit Kotwal


I’m a blogging enthusiast who loves to workout and motivate others with hardwork and determination. I love to travel and know more about our mother earth.

Our values

Raising students who are confident in their abilities and skills and who know how to apply their experiences in their day to day lives. We wish to help your students by offering them a platform to exchange experiences and gain valuable insights about their lives.

We believe experience plays a very important role in everyone’s life, whether it comes from a student or an accomplished business person.
The problem with all of us is either we hesitate to share our experience or we don’t have any specific platform for itself, which results in making students introverted without an appropriate audience with which to share their experiences.

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