deutsche bank interview experience
Round 1 (Aptitude round)

This round was based on 10 MCQ’s and 2 coding questions.
Students with same marks were filtered based on thier aggregate SGPA.

Around 27 students were selected

Round 2 (Technical Video Call on skype)

This round was based on
1. Basic oop concepts
2. Project overview
3. Simple definitions on DSA like
-linked list definition
-tree definition
-different types of linked list
4. What is a pointer ?
5. Similarity between cpp,java,python
Since it was on skype they did not told to write any code.
A puzzle (Find ages of daughter) was asked to my friend, you can check it here

Around 19 students were selected for 3rd round

Round 3 (Semi Technical semi HR)

1. Little disscussion on project.
2. Why Deutsche Bank ?
3. challanges in team work. How will you overcome those challanges ?
4. What you do in your free time ?
5. Why should we hire you ?
6. How will you add a value to our company ?
7. Casual talk.
8. Which languages you use and what is the difference between them ?
9. Questions based on college subjects like DBMS, OOP, DSA, CN.

Around 11 students were selected for Final round

Round 4 (HR) – Final Round

1. This round was around 15 -30 mins long.
2. Which is your favourite project and why ?
3. Also asked about family background.
4. What do you know about db.
5. Do you have any questions ?

All 11 students were selected

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