covid-19 fraud

I’ll be very practical in this and let me start from a true incident which occurred last week.

There was a Rapid antigen test for Covid in my father’s company. His colleague was tested positive on first day but he was having no symptoms and was very confident, he was very frustrated from this and despite warning he again went on the next day and gave the test again, the result was negative this time. On the third day he again went for the test and again the result was negative.

Next day he called the local media and told everything, but the authorities just said there was a mistake and chapter closed.

Okay now what about the others who accepted the fact they are positive, Ambulance and ICU ? No one not a single person from hospital came to see them who were home quarantined.

It may or may not be true but there is a news that Govt. of India is giving a huge amount per COVID-19 patient to the municipal corporation.

The roots of this fraud are much more deeper then the roots of drugs in Bollywood

OMG someone save Deepika Padukone !!!

The total cases of Coronavirus in India have crossed 5,669,610 and stands in the 2nd position after USA with 7,112,692.

India has the highest growth rate as well as the highest recovery rate around 98%. Is Something not weird,think about it.

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