NAture love

There are different types of beauty, one that we become beautiful and the other which is beautiful in itself.
All these things are not just like our viewpoint. If we actually see everything then it is beautiful in itself.
Some things touch our hearts.
And some things only look beautiful to our eyes.
All this keeps on changing from time to time, it is natural. This becomes our habit.

Nothing is less than anything, everything is important, we just don’t know and when we know, time goes by our hands.
Mother never regret staring at her son, if he looks ugly even, but always beautiful for his mother. And that’s the beauty of mother.

We feel good in a city, but rather we always try to find a quiet and windy place, we just love greenery,
This world made us like that we always try to look beautiful.
If someone says something bad towards our look, we just believe the same and we feel the same but it is not right, we should believe ourselves. Just be positive.
Love and beauty, are different words but somewhere related to each other.
Love is an excellent way to pass a time and beauty touches the heart.
To know beauty, you have to calm down and other people have to get out of your mind.
And this is also true that when you are unhappy and sometimes you are burdened, then you go to some quiet place and see the beauty of that place, then you feel good.
There are some things that we do not understand, we take time to understand. Beauty is in every small thing. It is wrong that those who are safe are only beautiful.
A human being is a beautiful creation of nature. The only beauty is in nature
Finally, I want to say that beauty is a very beautiful thing:

By “Azeem Raja “


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