What do you think when the word ‘workout’ comes in your mind? No, it doesn’t mean regular exercise. It is working extremely hard with our body to build it like a beast.

‌There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved by working hard and scarifies So here, you have to work hard to build your toned body and sacrifice your useless fat body. There are many reasons for not doing a workout in a daily routine. In the present time, maximum people go to the gym for a workout but during the lockdown, gyms are closed. So what, will you stop? You will stop if your soul does not wants your body to be the fittest one, but if your soul wants to be an intoned body then nothing can stop you.

Doesn’t matter where are you, whether its day or night, you have the equipment or not. Your soul will force your body to get started. At the time for your soul bricks pretends as dumble and trees as punching bags. You will be unstoppable. You will feel the change every day. Build your body stronger and stronger. Starts from today and continue this till you are alive. We will build ourselves stronger than the previous day. Who all are with me?

Doing a workout on the first-day leaves to pain in the muscle on the second day. That pain will become a reason for not doing workout on the second day. But the pain in muscles is not injury pain, that pain was an indication of the body that there is a change in a body and it is ready for the extreme workout on the second day. That pain will fade when you will continue your routine every day and it indicates that now the pain is nothing for the muscles. You need to work harder on the muscles to make them stronger so that the pain in doing the toughest work pretends nothing for them.


  1. Need to work on vocabulary and improve ur sentence setting. Overerall, the content is good.
    Awesome work
    Keep it up.👍👊

  2. Workout is must not only for strong body but it also boosts the brain and vanishes all the depression……
    Nyc content broo…..😇😇😇😇
    U r inspiring me a lot…thank you…

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