Life is life. We cannot change it, but yes we can change the way to live it  We can change the way of living by learning from others as well.

Actually, the meaning of life is not known by everyone it is yet to know… . If you learn the life lessons asap, then your life will change automatically. But also we do something first then we can  tell others about it, we all know , everyone wanna do only that work which is experienced first or else if we say others to do without experienced work then I think, it is of no use.

No body is perfect in this world. But some are following their role models , they do what their role models doing, but one more thing, do it by your heart not for others and it is also helpful to you.

I hope you will understand what I’m actually want to say here. 

This is my first post. In near future , I post more hopefully, you will learn  alot .
At last good luck for me….

Words from my life (About Life)
By “Azeem Raja “

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