1965 – The war

January 1965 ‘ Kutch the run’ Gujarat

Pakistan claimed the 50% area of Kutch the run. After seeing this, India retaliated and many encounters happen at Indo-Pakistan Border. Pakistan, after its defeat in encounters with Indian Forces, it launches an ‘Operation Gibraltor’.

August 1965, Kashmir Valley

Pakistani Intruder with heavy arms enters into the valley. The Motive of these intruders was to create a tensional environment in the state. Pakistan’s main motive was to show that the J&K people stand against India, due to this reason, it wants to add Kashmir with Pakistan with the help of its forces. At that fragile time, the New Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shashtri took over the charge of the country. Due to the defeat of India, during the Indo-China war in 1962, our army was in a phase of change and we were also suffering from foodstuffs.

On the other hand, Pakistan was helped by America, by supplying arms, weapons, tanks, etc. But Pakistan forgot one thing that, A country’s power has only in its soldiers’ morale, not in weapon machines. Indian Soldiers always ready to give their lives for the Bharat Mata. India took the attack seriously and India Prime minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri gave a smashing reply to Pakistan. India made a plans to destroy operation Gibraltor. Hajipeer is located between the Uri sector and Poonch.

AUGUST 25, 1965

‘Operation Bakshi’ was launched by India, to take charge of Haji Peer.
One para soldier, under the leadership of Major Ranjeet Singh Dyal, starts tracking to the mountain Haji Pir to control it and they successfully hosted the Tiranga on the peak of Haji Pir. Major Ranjit Singh was honored with Mahavir chakra. After this India successfully destroy their Gibraltor operation plan.

After that, Pakistan attacked at Akhnoor, Jammu with heavy forces. Their motive was to isolate the Jammu from India. In this Battle, Indian forces show their marvelous performance. India gave back a reply to Pakistan with the attack from the Punjab border. The Moto of India was to reach Lahore and road passing through Barki. The Barki was a town totally covered with tanks and infantry.
Four Sikh soldiers regiment bravely attacks Barki with the tanks ‘Central India’. After defeating the Pakistan army, the Indian flag hoisted over the Police station ‘Barki’. In simple India successfully took Barki.

Pakistan retaliates and attacks the Asal Uttar Khemkaran, Punjab. Indian forces gave back to reply to the Invaders.
Americans tanks bearing Pakistani Army trapped by Indian infantry. Indian tanks surround the invader with horse shows and destroyed them. In this battle hundred of enemy tanks were destroyed by Indian forces. It is one of the biggest defeats of Pakistan’s history.

India attacked again at Sialkot, Pakistan. This war was between the tanks and fought only in the range of 100 yards. India’s two regiments, Poona horse and Hadsons horse defeated the Pakistani army and won it. When the war was gonna end, the 3rd battalion of the Jat Regiment soldiers attacked Dograi Pakistan without any take care of firepower, they entered the houses and fought face to face war more than 27hours. This was the tough victory under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Desmond Hayde (honored with Mahavir chakra).

The Indian airforce also gave his massive contribution in1965 war. Indian fighter jets fought with well upgraded Pakistani jets. The IAF successfully breaks down their morale of Pakistani soldiers as well as their pilots. Indian navy also helped to stop the Pakistani submarine in the Indian ocean. The whole country was United at that time. Everyone just giving morale to Indian forces. Everyone’s mouth has only one slogan “Jai jawan, Jai Kisan”.

22 September 1965

United Nations Security Council gave a proposal to stop a war. On 23 September 1965 war ended midnight.
In this war, which was fought at Pir Panjal, Kashmir, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Punjab, India took over the 1920sq km area while Pakistan took 540Sq km. India lost their 2862 brave soldiers.
211 Brave soldiers honored with Gallantry Awards. This is an epic of our brave soldiers.


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